Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Easy guest registration and COVID-19 screening with our built-in, multi-language rapid screening survey tool.
We now support virtually any hardware integration that supports 3rd-party radius authentication or hotspots/external captive portals.
Check it out when adding new devices, and learn more about our white label radius settings.
You can help streamline the connection process for your guests by putting up a QR code that will automatically connect them to your campaign’s SSID and open up the captive portal, allowing them to connect to the WiFi as easily as possible.
To share a campaign preview, you can share the preview link URL, or you can share a QR code. When someone scans this QR code, they will be automatically redirected to your campaign preview, making it an easy way to share the campaign preview with clients!
We've just updated our industry-leading campaign editor to be more flexible than ever!
You can now:
  • Use Google Fonts
  • Change font size and colors
  • Change button text and colors
  • Add custom HTML to thank you pages
  • and much more!
Plus, the editor is now 100% fully responsive. That means you can update your pages from any mobile device, anytime!
You can now integrate your Datto Network Manager directly with the MyWiFi Platform for a 2-minute setup!
We now integrate with by automatically sending WiFi guests to your review funnel in order to generate, monitor, and market your customer reviews.
You can now send all Sales CRM Leads to any webhook endpoint like Zapier, to automatically track leads in your own CRM.
We now integrate directly with - India's most reliable SMS OTP & bulk SMS service provider for transactional SMS login authentication and promotional SMS blasts 🇮🇳
We now integrate directly with Aruba Instant On access points! The cost-effective, no licensing fee solution for small business.
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